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css rounded 적용샘플

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word-break:break-all; | The best web text editor for everyone

<!– Make sure the path to CKEditor is correct. –> <script src="./ckeditor/ckeditor.js"></script> <script language="javascript"> function sendit() { //글 내용 var data = CKEDITOR.instances.content.getData(); document.myform.content.value = data; if (trim(document.myform.content.value).length == 0) { alert("글을 작성 안하셨습니다. 글을 작성해 주십시요"); document.myform.content.focus(); return false; } // document.myform.submit(); } </script> <Form name="myform" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="POST" action="./****"> <textarea name="content" id="content" rows="16" cols="56"></textarea>

// Replace the <textarea id="content"> with a CKEditor
// instance, using default configuration.
CKEDITOR.replace( ‘content’ );

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HTML Predefined Character Entities

Table of entities Hex C Name Ent Ref 0x0022 “ QUOTATION MARK &quot; &#34; 0x0026 & AMPERSAND &amp; &#38; 0x0027 ‘ APOSTROPHE &apos; &#39; 0x003c < LESS-THAN SIGN &lt; &#60; 0x003e > GREATER-THAN SIGN &gt; &#62; 0x00a0 nbsp NO-BREAK SPACE &nbsp; &#160; 0x00a1 ¡ INVERTED EXCLAMATION MARK &iexcl; &#161; 0x00a2 ¢ CENT SIGN &cent; &#162; […]